I haven’t written for the sake of writing for a long time, September to be exact. Mostly because I did not have the time. My website lay forgotten and quiet as I labored day and night in my formally employed position.

It isn’t till my contract ended with my previous employer on 31st May this year that I got to thinking. I sat down and pondered away. What is important, which is better, is it to sit in an office assured of a monthly recompense, or be out of the office, not sure of any income at the end of the month. I thought and thought until I couldn’t think no more, and still I thought. In the end my findings are thus.



No doubt you think am mad. How could I who was until recently employed come to this conclusion. I thought me mad myself when I reached this conclusion but the evidence was stacked against me. I had to accept that which reason had unearthed. After all, what is, is because that’s how it is. I had worked for my employer for two years. I don’t deny that I gained invaluable experience in my position. I don’t deny that I was paid for my work every month. But at the end of my tenure I have nothing to show for it.

See, the modern employer knows that the simplest way to get you to work for him for life is to pay you just enough to keep you going. Just enough to keep you beholden to them. It’s a circle you can’t break out unless like me you are lucky that your contract doesn’t get renewed or you get fired. Otherwise you get stuck in a lifestyle you can’t afford to give up.

In your comfort zone you don’t reason beyond your employment periphery with the adverse effect that you do not grow, you do not save, and forever remain a 30 day slave. Once you get paid, you blow your earnings in the lifestyle you are stuck in and return to your slavery for another 30 day interval.


The truth of the matter is when you are employed your employer decides where you go. Your life basically, is out of your hands. All you think off is internal vacancies and promotions. I have nothing against this kind of thinking but for the fact that it is limited thinking.

You alone know your potential. And convincing others of that potential has always been at best time-consuming. In formal employment this is further confounded by the fact that your employer is busy concentrating on his business and profits and not in seeing whether you deserve to be promoted or whether your potential is above the position you currently occupy.


It is risky, its unpredictable, you are out of your depth, at first you don’t even know what you are doing,  you spend most of the time worrying about your next big break, it is not for the lighthearted, it is not routine, you don’t know what to expect, you have no expectations, ultimately it is fun.

The above paragraph concisely summarizes what self-employment is, except for the last bit. Different people have different definitions of fun. Personally I find the not routine bit exiting. Nothing kills the spirit of a man than doing the same thing today, tomorrow and the day after. It’s a zombie existence for Sunday to resemble Monday and Monday to be no different from Wednesday and Friday.

Furthermore, since you don’t expect somebody to pay you at the end of the month, you have to apply yourself. You have to use your mental faculties to reason out where your upkeep and rent will come from. And the best part of it all is that nobody puts a value to your time. You choose.


What the rich and the poor have in common is 24 hours in every day. How you choose to spend it will determine where you will be in five years’ time.  Spend it in an office growing someones enterprise or spend it growing your own.

Your choice.



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