My book comes out next month!

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Hello good people. Its been a minute since I last wrote onto here. I have been working on my book. Its like Eminem said, Harley, daddy’s gotta write a song, the song won’t write itself. So yeah, that’s where I’ve been. Writing and rewriting, fighting off feelings of deplorable haggardness and all the while feeling as though my brains were wilting.


Its been amazing writing my own novel, its a special feeling.

Technically my book’s already written, Its the gritty nasty part which comes after that I’ve been painstakingly undertaking. The editing and proofreading. And take it from me, that shit is difficult. But hey, no good thing comes easy. Besides, I’ve got a really good motto…its simple yet motivating and it doesn’t have any of that mushy sentimental bullshit you get from everyday internet quotes. Mine says… When in hell, the only way out is through the fire. Cool huh? I know.

Anyway, enough with the complaining. On to the good stuff. I have created something of worth. Something that will leave a mark. Wait till you read the summary…yeah, you read right…before this post is over I will release the summary officially. So read on pal. Its gooood up in here.


The editing led me to my first cup of cappuccino. It isn’t as delicious as it looks.

And because we’ve started on the good, lets not stop. Details on the book are as follows.

TITTLE: Before the Games.

Author: Bujabs Dennis (obviously)

GENRE: Epic Fantasy.

Alternate world, death defying warriors, magic,birds of prey that can be ridden as men ride horses. Powerful sects, corrupt government officials, noble princes, beautiful princesses and mighty kings. Yeah, that’s what you are signing up for in  “Before The Games” 

There is something for everyone.


This first book is only the first in a series of three. One that before it ends will see you to another dimension and immerse you in gory battles, amazing cultures, magic, and romantic interludes.

The name of this continuing series is The Vanah Chronicles.


BEFORE the GAMES. (book one of the vanah chronicles.)

 Five nations coexist.

The thriving cosmopolitan republic of Vena.

The waterlands, Biru.

The Desert chiefdoms of Konta.

The grassland nation of Marubi.

The cold mountainous monarch, Ostabi.

What unites the five are the games. A ritualistic competition that happens once every decade.

Meanwhile in secret old forces rise again. Rivalries are renewed and the games that once promised harmony and fostered peace could be the harbinger of doom.

But the games must go on…

Look alive folks. I will update you in due course on which platform or platforms the book will be available.

Till then, keep reading. Keep dreaming. Lets leave a mark.

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When will they learn? Beauty is unmerited. Beauty is luck.




  1. Good luck! I totally understand the pain!

  2. Congratulations! I can see through your excitement because even my first book is releasing next month 🙂
    Good luck!

  3. Oh my goodness Dennis this is amazing.Congratulations.You have just stirred me up to start working on my first e-book.So nice.God bless you.

  4. Thanks. Go for it, don’t let nothing stop you.

  5. Congrats brother I’m happy for you. The first copy should be mine!!

  6. Thank you bro.

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