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My book comes out next month!

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Hello good people. Its been a minute since I last wrote onto here. I have been working on my book. Its like Eminem said, Harley, daddy’s gotta write a song, the song won’t write itself. So yeah, that’s where I’ve been. Writing and rewriting, fighting off feelings of deplorable haggardness and all the while feeling as though my brains were wilting.


Its been amazing writing my own novel, its a special feeling.

Technically my book’s already written, Its the gritty nasty part which comes after that I’ve been painstakingly undertaking. The editing and proofreading. And take it from me, that shit is difficult. But hey, no good thing comes easy. Besides, I’ve got a really good motto…its simple yet motivating and it doesn’t have any of that mushy sentimental bullshit you get from everyday internet quotes. Mine says… When in hell, the only way out is through the fire. Cool huh? I know.

Anyway, enough with the complaining. On to the good stuff. I have created something of worth. Something that will leave a mark. Wait till you read the summary…yeah, you read right…before this post is over I will release the summary officially. So read on pal. Its gooood up in here.


The editing led me to my first cup of cappuccino. It isn’t as delicious as it looks.

And because we’ve started on the good, lets not stop. Details on the book are as follows.

TITTLE: Before the Games.

Author: Bujabs Dennis (obviously)

GENRE: Epic Fantasy.

Alternate world, death defying warriors, magic,birds of prey that can be ridden as men ride horses. Powerful sects, corrupt government officials, noble princes, beautiful princesses and mighty kings. Yeah, that’s what you are signing up for in  “Before The Games” 

There is something for everyone.


This first book is only the first in a series of three. One that before it ends will see you to another dimension and immerse you in gory battles, amazing cultures, magic, and romantic interludes.

The name of this continuing series is The Vanah Chronicles.


BEFORE the GAMES. (book one of the vanah chronicles.)

 Five nations coexist.

The thriving cosmopolitan republic of Vena.

The waterlands, Biru.

The Desert chiefdoms of Konta.

The grassland nation of Marubi.

The cold mountainous monarch, Ostabi.

What unites the five are the games. A ritualistic competition that happens once every decade.

Meanwhile in secret old forces rise again. Rivalries are renewed and the games that once promised harmony and fostered peace could be the harbinger of doom.

But the games must go on…

Look alive folks. I will update you in due course on which platform or platforms the book will be available.

Till then, keep reading. Keep dreaming. Lets leave a mark.

The day I became an Author

You haven’t really written until you write a book. _Bujabs Dennis

I have been writing for some time. I can’t really put a time line to it, because I don’t particularly remember when I started writing. I can’t seem to decide between; when I wrote my first essay and my first day in school; when scared and blustered I was taught by Ms Franco (My very first class teacher.) how to write my name. Did the writing stars align then? I wonder. Was fate already conspiring to cast me in the role of writer. I’ll never know. What I do know however, is the day I fell in love with writing, the day my fate was sealed, sealed as sure as a condemned man before the gallows.


It was a day like any other, the sun had risen in the east like always, the skies were blue as usual and yours truly was hungry as is expected (Why, it was approaching lunch hour and all I could think about was when the bell signalling the end of the ongoing lesson would ring, to save me from my ravenous longing, my craving for food.) I was in primary four at the time… (In Kenya we go through an education system styled 8-4-4) Eight years of primary education, four of secondary education and four of tertiary education, after which everyone is free to continue, of course dependent upon one’s preferences and the availability of tuition money) But I stray.

I was a disorganized, clumsy boy, going through life with all the blissful ignorance of a ten-year old. Life to me was the scanty, delicious one time meals provided at the children’s home where I resided (e.g chapatis), playing with friends, avoiding corporal punishment and watching the occasional movie when my foster parents allowed, (And that was once every Friday night.) So it came as a complete and astounding surprise when my pre-lunch lesson was rudely interrupted; I was needed in the staff-room with immediate effect. I was to make my way to the seat of power at best speed and report to my class teacher Mrs Mutende. I made my way out of the class with fearful foreboding amidst whispers from classmates trying to guess my crime. (To be called to the staff room was a pupils worst fear, it meant that one was in for the consummate punishment.) My mind was already running through my most recent misdemeanors trying to puzzle out the reason for the summon to the seat of power.


I attempted to drag my feet; trying to enact the maximum dawdle. But the staff room wasn’t that removed and before my lackadaisical mind could devise means of escape, I had arrived. I stood, terrified and trembling outside the staff room until an approaching staff member forced me to make up my mind, Left to my own devises I would have stood outside that door till kingdom come, I wasn’t in that much of a hurry to get my backside persecuted. As it was the approaching teacher reminded me of my responsibilities, when you are going to get punished, and there isn’t a thing you can do about it, best to get punished quickly and be done with it. And so with dauntless (and trembling) bravura, I entered the seat of power. If anything the reception I received was entirely unexpected. As soon as the teachers spied me, trembling but obstinate, they started clapping as one. When they finished and I got my head on right, I discovered that apparently the last essay (We had just finished the end of term exam) I had turned in was good, very good actually, and that the teachers had seen it best to congratulate me, personally. Needless to say, I was euphoric, elated and jubilant like the biblical Israelite s, when they woke to find that food was falling like rain from the heavens.


That day, feel in love with writing. That day my fate was sealed. And since then I have been writing with something akin to demon possession. I have written (allow me to say) with reckless abandon ever since. That was twelve years ago… I have been a writer ever since, but I became an author only recently. It has always been an old maxim of mine that you haven’t really written until you write a book. And guess what, I finally did. I have assuredly and irrevocably achieved a goal I set myself years ago, to write my first book before the age of twenty-five. And aren’t I going WILD! Trust me, the feeling of putting the last full stop to the last chapter of a book, your book, is one not many people have felt. It is special, it is exclusive, it is peculiar, it is immensely gratifying.

The work isn’t done of course, I must now embark on the taxing endeavor of revising, editing, cutting and proofreading of my first draft. Only then can I approach literary agents and pursue publication options, but what is done is done and can never be erased. On the 24th of June, the year 2016, I became an author. For that is the date I finished my first draft, and may all the odds be ever in my favor. I read somewhere that completing the first draft of your first book is the beginning of the end, but that the end lasts forever.

So wish me the best of luck, as I endeavor to become that which I have always wanted to become. An author.

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