Life is a journey. An adventure into the unknown. And yet that is what makes it worth living. The belief that since we don’t know what the future holds, we can do anything. Be anything. We can curve out of life a portion for ourselves. And why shouldn’t it be so, why shouldn’t we be able to achieve all that we set out to achieve? The answers to this question, at least in my opinion is simple. Can we be what we want to be? Why not. This is the belief I hold as I turn twenty-three.

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In the end all we regret are the chances we didn’t take.

Life is not simple. Life has never been simple. It will not start being simple today. This is not about simplifying life. Life cannot be simplified. The best we can do is wrestle. I say wrestle because life will not allow you to simply grab what you want to grab. It wrestles back. And dirty too. But good things don’t come easy. Good things are earned. Can we be what we want to be? Yes we can. But only if we want to be what we want to be real bad. Enough to make us make ourselves be what we want to be. That is the formula I have arrived at. And when you look at it that way, it becomes easy all of a sudden. Don’t it?

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Inferior men are satisfied by normal things. Superior men know that normal things don’t mean a thing.

I am not the wisest of men. I know that. I am not the most resourceful nor the most talented. Nor are you. But don’t let that stop you. It’s certainly not stopping me. Who’s to say I deserve any less than the next man a shot at happiness. No one. Besides, happiness is relative… what makes me happy may not make you happy and vice versa. That right there is reason enough to be selfish…to go out there and fight for my happiness regardless of whether it makes you happy or not. See my point?

Because at the end of the day, it’s all about me. It’s all about you. I am sure you’ve asked yourself this question plenty of times. “Who’s the most important person in my life?” Well, today I have an answer for you. The most important person in your life is you. The most important person in my life is me.

Finally, since we have established that the most important person in my life is me…as I turn a new leaf in my life. I promise to go all out this year. I promise to make more effort in achieving my goals. Both long-term and short-term. I promise to try new things and take more risks. I promise to love unequivocally and fuck irreparably. I promise to chase only the woman I really want, not those who I think will have me. I promise to live. Not exist. I promise to do better, live better, be better. The best is yet to come.

Happy 23 to me. I have arrived folks. I have arrived.

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